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Giving to BT Partners means HOPE

Beyond Travel Partners is a 501 (c) 3 Tax-deductible organization dedicated to filling skills and knowldege gaps fo communities in Haiti and Togo. We support our partners in their efforts to uphold human dignity and foster self reliance through education, health care, and improved livilihoods and environment..

Your generous gift will enable us to fund innovation, support volunteers, and go where the needs are the greatest.

Make a Generous Financial Gift Today

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Download our Printable Donation Form

Though using google check-out and network for good as our online donation tools offers reliability and security, you may not feel comfortable sending financial information online. You can still make your gift using our pledge form. Simply download the form, fill it out and mail it.

Other ways to Support BT Partners

You can support communities in Haiti and Togo in several other ways.

In-Kind Gifts

BT Partners also accepts in-kind gifts of gently used equipment. In-kind gifts are tax-dectutible based on value at time of donation and subject to IRS rules. Please call us at 347.750.6143 or email at giving@btpartners.org if you would like to make an in-kind gift of equipment or supplies.

Host a Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser is great way to inform others about the reality of our partner communities and garner support for their valuable work. If you would like to host a fundraiser on behalf of BT Partners Contact Us

Sell on Ebay

You can sell your gently used items on Ebay and have the proceeds donated. Learn More




501 c 3 Tax Exempt Status

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