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We were there after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, going to neighborhoods, tent cities, and remote mountain areas with our teams of skilled volunteers to assist our partner communities amidst extraordinary circumstances. We supported community led decisions to rebuild by providing training, health services, small grants, and whatever assistance our partner communities needed to make it to the next day.
While Haiti is well beyond the post disaster emergency phase, many communities still face the same vulnerability to hunger and disasters brought about by ever increasing number extreme weather events and other crises. BT Partners believes the only way to curb this vulnerability is by building the ability of the people to create local solutions to current and future problems. This means recognizing the potential of the most marginalized and making real investments in their lives.

Rural Girls Empowerment and Environmental Stewardship
BT Partners is piloting an innovative environmental stewardship program for rural adolescent girls, which teaches the principles of environmental stewardship and better interaction with land and resources at the same time addressing the barriers in the lives of girls through peer mentorship, a safe space, and support. We plan to expand the program to provide practical business training to enable older girls to create small enterprises that benefit their communities. Read More

Dignified and Sustainable Housing for the Rural Poor
Housing still remains a major problem for many throughout Haiti. Affordable and dignified options for the rural poor are very limited, leaving many to live in overcrowded homes that do not manage to provide adequate shelter from severe storms. Geographic isolation also makes many building materials, like concrete, very expensive for many rural families, leading them to cut down precious trees to build their homes. BT Partners is continuing its work to develop options for the rural poor in housing by working with an international architect to build homes that apply sustainable design principles, transfer important skills, and ultimately make homes affordable without sacrificing health and dignity.

Training and Support to Rural Farmers
Rural residents make up nearly 60 percent of the population in Haiti and almost all of those living in rural areas depend on small scale agricultural production for income and food. Yet, year after year, they face crop loss due to severe weather events, have no protections and or assurances from losses; and are subject to extremely poor infrastructure and technological stagnation that limits the ability to add value to produce and maximize yields. In a desperate search for income, many unwittingly resort to charcoal production, a major cause of the continued deforestation of Haiti’s forests. Community groups continue to gather to try to find solutions to these problems, but often with limited resources, support or access to practical tools and information. BT Partners fills in skills and resource gaps for them in the form of training and project planning and partnerships on targeted small scale projects.








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