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Girls Environmental Stewardship and Peer Mentoring


BT Partners is now a member of the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network.

As an implementing partner of the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network, we will have an important role in demonstrating what works when it comes to improving the lives of girls and enabling them to live up to their full potential.

In Haiti, girls are the most vulnerable subset of a population already at the margins of extreme poverty. Girls as young as six are subject to sexual exploitation, violence, and are trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of poverty, lack of education and deprivation.  In rural areas, this dire situation gets even worse in light of diminished rural livelihoods and environmental degradation. 

Our pilot program aims to reach some of the most vulnerable girls in rural Marbial, provide peer mentorship in a safe space (Espas Mwen/My Space), link girls to supportive services with partner NGO’s, provide training in sustainable livelihoods, while nurturing an appreciation of Haiti’s precious and endangered natural resources.

With your help we can provide even more services  for the girls including seed funding for income generating activities, and scholarships for school reintegration.



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